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Water Based Training Manual

Water Based Training Manual

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A Simple Guide for All Trainers and Coaches

Developed in the ACT by Australia's leading sports science organisation.

Water based training can improve physical and technical performance for the elite athlete, the veteran, the often shy overweight person, or just someone keen to maintain their fitness level.
Activities included in the Water Based Training program explained and demonstrated in the video and workbook (Bellow) resources include:

  • High knee running
  • Hypoxic running
  • Deep water running
  • Running with vest
  • Lane rope running
  • Horizontal running
  • Shallow pool drills
  • Tethered running
  • Explosions off a wall
  • Hypoxic underwater
  • Swimming - drills
  • Swimming relays
  • Sponge - Towing, Dips and Crunches
  • Activity circuits
  • Deep water explosions - Improve Power
  • Improve Recovery
  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce Impact
  • Improve Circulation
  • The Water Based Training recourses have been developed and produced for coaches, athletes and individuals around the world who wish to make training less stressful on the human body. Initial resources include a video and workbook.

Water Based Training uses the therapeutic effects of water and is known to:

  • Improve sport specific and general fitness elements
  • Assist with recovery
  • Assist with weight loss programs
  • Improve health status
  • Provide variety to training programs
  • Motivate people about continued participation in physical activities
  • Be beneficial to people with disabilities and to veteran athletes
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